Import motorcycles

Import motorcycles

import and export of new motorcycles, quads, outboards and original spareparts worldwide

Double R Trading can provide you with qualified motorcycles with the best service needed. For motorcycle shops or motorcycle wholesalers, Double R Trading can arrange a total import motorcycles from start to end. Next to the motorcycles they also sell quads, ATVs and motorcycle parts. They can arrange the import for several well-known motorcycle brands. With their 17 years experience you can be sure that the import will proceed without any problems. If you have questions concerning the bike or the import procedures, the advisors of Double R Trading can provide all information needed for this purchase. Whether you’re a shop or wholesaler, every purchase is an excited accomplishment, which should be done thoroughly. These kinds of purchases only occur with a partner you trust the most. Double R Trading is a company specialized in import motorcycles and motorcycle parts to more than 25 countries. The import has no secrets for them and neither do the motorcycles.

Import motorcycles, complete and qualified

With the appropriate licences and certificates Double R Trading is able to arrange the trading of the next motorcycles for your collection. More information about their procedures you can read on Topics of attention are:

  • Delivery options: per item, small quantities or on container basis.
  • Logistics of import motorcycles
  • Licences and certificates

The warehouse is situated in the same company building in the centre of the Netherlands, which makes it possible to send the bikes directly to the country of destination, even outside of Europe. No import duties need to be paid and they are licensed to draw up export documents like T1 and ATR. Next to these they can issue the AEO certification regarding the international safety standard according to the customs authority.

These privileges make it more interesting to import motorcycles from the following brands through Double R Trading:

  • Yamaha
  • Kawasaki
  • Suzuki
  • Honda

The logistics of the location of Double R Trading is ideal for trading the motorcycles and parts to the different countries. The main building and warehouse is located in Gorinchem and has three loading bays and several loading doors. Regular and large trucks can enter the loading bays. For the warehouse purchases large shipments in containers are also possible with Double R Trading. When you find the best motorcycles from one of the brands, you want the most of the best. As an experienced trader they make this possible for all companies who share the love and interest in the import motorcycles.

A passion on wheels

When import motorcycles is your business, then motorbikes are definitely your passion. Investing in this passion should be done with a partner who is experienced and also shares this interest. Double R Trading is not only interested and passionate, but they are also experienced with the worldwide import and export of motorcycles. Every country has its own regulations when it comes to business and trading of these items. This makes them the most reliable partner when it comes to the import motorcycles. No licenses or certificates will be missed and your order will be delivered in good state at your shop or wholesale. Furthermore, you can find the newest models of these brands and if needed you can also buy extra parts to add to your collection at your shop. In case you have any questions about the procedures for the import motorcycles you can contact them via the website Even when you are looking for a specific model and you can’t find this at their website. With their contacts from all over the world, they can make sure you can receive the motorcycle that will be the eye catcher of your shop. Read More