Keeping customers happy with help from a Motorcycle parts finder

Keeping customers happy with help from a Motorcycle parts finder

Keeping customers happy with help from a Motorcycle parts finderI am very fortunate that I have a successful business. I run a private motorcycle garage in central London. I started it on my own back in 2011, after working for several years at a distributor. There I helped to develop a Motorcycle parts finder for their website. That is because I realise just how important a good Motorcycle parts finder is for any motorcycle garage. And it is a big part of the reason I am able to keep so many customers happy today. I have all sorts of customers. From one-off customers who have had an unexpected breakdown, to classic motorbike enthusiasts who need to replace parts of old bikes that even I have seldom seen in the past, to semi-professional racing motorcyclists. Each group has their own priorities when it comes to the parts they need, and how much they are prepared to spend on repairs. At my garage we try to repair any problem with any type of bike, so a Motorcycle parts finder really is crucial for our work.

What we search for in the Motorcycle parts finder

We are always looking for parts in a Motorcycle parts finder, most often the Motorcycle parts finder from Double R Parts. They have a business to business wholesale section on their site,, with a fairly comprehensive Motorcycle parts finder. We routinely search for:

  • Air filters and cleaners;
  • Chains;
  • Clutches;
  • Oil filters;
  • Batteries.

Double R Parts also supply the larger, more complicated parts like engine casings when we need them. For some particularly rare and unusual bikes, and particularly the British built motorcycles, we sometimes have to try another Motorcycle parts finder, but in general Double R Parts is our first stop. My colleagues and I probably visit every day of the week, and not finding the part we are looking for is a rare occurrence. It is obviously vitally important to be able to find the parts we need, and that the customer requires. It is also hugely important that they are reasonably priced. My garage is, after all, a business and the profit margins get pretty narrow at times. There are even occasions that I have to make a small loss on a particular part to make sure that I do not lose a regular customer. So using a Motorcycle parts finder to search based on price is certainly a bonus.

Getting them quickly and in good shape

Once we have found the parts, there is often a deadline for getting the part order, delivered and fitted. The racers want to be out on the track again for the next race or practice, the classic bike enthusiasts never want to miss the next meet up or sunny day, and the commuters need their bikes to get to work each day. A customer who has to wait is not a happy customer. That is the reason we try to order parts from companies that deliver quickly and reliably. Same or next-day delivery is a huge point for our business, but reliability is equally important. If we tell a customer that we will have their part tomorrow and it does not arrive, or the wrong part arrives, it slows down the repair and reflects badly on us. So we really appreciate companies like Double R Parts who provide clear descriptions, never fail with promised delivery dates and make sure that every part that they supply is well packaged and arrives in good shape, ready for fitting it the customers bike.