Starting a business in Holland: Where to start?

Starting a business in Holland: Where to start?

There can be so many reasons why starting a business in Holland is perfect for those willing to go overseas, one of them obviously being Brexit. No matter the reason however, the best thing you can do when that’s your goal is to contact Intercompany Solutions, or at least have a thorough look at their website. Intercompany Solutions is a company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs that are starting a business in Holland. They offer guidance and explain how everything works, from the first step (which is registering the business at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce) to providing secretarial services for existing business from foreign owners. They really offer an all-in service for those willing to start a business in the Netherlands, and with many years of experience they know exactly what you and your business need to successfully register and eventually grow. Registering your company needs to be done in three separate steps, which are:

  • Registering at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • Applying for a VAT number
  • Applying for a Dutch bank account

All three steps might be a bit difficult for those who don’t speak the language, but that’s where Intercompany Solutions comes in. When you hire them to help you while starting a business in Holland, they will tell you exactly what to do, what to sign and they will obviously translate every form for you so you know what you’re signing and why. 

Tips for starting a business in Holland

If you’re currently in the process of starting a business in Holland, you could check out the website of Intercompany Solutions. Not only do they offer all-inclusive services for those who need help with arranging everything, but they also have a blog full of articles on doing business in the Netherlands. On this blog you’ll find tons of information and tips for your new Dutch business. There’s also many articles on Brexit and the consequences of it. For example, did you know that more than 100 British companies already took the leap and moved their businesses to the Netherlands? Ever since the referendum in 2016, many entrepreneurs from Great Britain have been looking for information on starting a business in Holland, and not for no reason. 

Why starting a business in Holland is such a good idea

If you’re one of those British entrepreneurs willing to avoid Brexit drawbacks, starting a business in Holland might be the best thing to do right now. But why would you pick Holland over any other Western European country? Well, there are many reasons, but the following are the most important. Holland has one of the highest level of English speakers of every country in Europe (besides the ones where English is a native language obviously) and it’s therefor not hard to find employees that you can communicate with. Besides that, Holland has a very extensive and well-operated infrastructure, which makes it easy to reach our several airports. Finally, the Dutch market has always been very stable and secure, and we offer excellent services to foreign entrepreneurs. Looking for more information? Or curious about all the other reasons you should pick Holland as your new company location instead of another country? Please contact Intercompany Solutions, they are more than happy to tell you all about it.