Starting a business in the Netherlands: not as easy as it may seem

Starting a business in the Netherlands: not as easy as it may seem

Starting a business in the Netherlands is not as easily done as it may sound. You actually need to take permits, laws and financial cases into account. So, if you think of starting a business in the Netherlands, but don’t know where to start or what exactly is expected of you, or even what the options are for you, then reading this article might be informational. It is nice to have some help with setting up your business. A good company to do this with is Intercompany Solutions, who dedicate themselves to supporting entrepreneurs with all that is needed in order to set up and grow a business in the Netherlands. They will help you create new opportunities and pursue your goals. If you have any questions regarding bank accounts or accounting services, then Intercompany Solutions will also help you gladly to support you starting a business in the Netherlands. 

Dutch citizenship

If you plan on staying in the Netherlands for a while when starting a business in the Netherlands, then some things regarding the matter of Dutch citizenship might be very interesting for you, especially when being a non-EU citizen. Overall, if you are a citizen within the EU or the EEA, then you will not need to get a residence permit. On arrival, you can acquire a BSN number from your local municipality. This will be your personal registration number and serves as a tax and social security number.

For citizens outside of the EU and EEA, things are different, because a permit is needed to reside in the Netherlands. There are several options you can choose from:

  • A start-up permit. To obtain a residence permit under the program ‚innovative startup‘, you will need to find a facilitator. Make sure this facilitator meets the required criteria, such as having previous experience and registration in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. you also need to have a plan for developing your business idea into a business and you need to show you have sufficient financial resources.
  • A self-employed permit. This visa is used for those who want to run and/or continue their business in the Netherlands. For this visa you will have to prove your business will benefit the Dutch business market in your business plan and you will have to present financial prospects offered by third parties. The application also needs to be examined by a certified financial advisor. This application, however, is point-based, so you will need to earn points to be legible.

legal entities for starting a business in the Netherlands

You might also want to think about what type of business structure you want to choose when starting a business in the Netherlands. Actually, there is a wide variety of legal entities to choose from, for example, a limited- or general partnership. There is an important difference between an unincorporated business structure and an incorporated business structure for starting a business in the Netherlands. This difference is that no distinction is made between private and business assets in an unincorporated business, meaning you can be held personally accountable for debts created with your business. In an incorporated business private and business assets are separated and you are protected from business debts. 

Of course, Dutch citizenships and legal entities do not cover all that is needed for starting a business in the Netherlands. There is much more business to take care of, which is hard to do alone. That’s why it’s recommended to get help. Take a look at what Intercompany Solutions can do for you, and starting your business in the Netherlands will go smoothly!